Well, last week I was drinking the Bulldog kool-aid and somehow chose to predict them making the SEC championship game.  Despite that disastrous prediction I will say that things may have turned out much different had it not been for one bad inning, one bad at-bat in particular in which Florida hits a grand slam and changes the tournament for State in the blink of an eye.  Who knows how things would have gone if State wins that first game?  But that was last week.

Based on our starting pitching I was ready to post about how I think State would likely go 2 and out this weekend.  Shows what I know.  Pollorena comes out and throws a gem.  Obviously, the extended rest helped.  Vickerson and Brownlee deliver big hits and Caleb slams the door.  State is in the winner's bracket.

And to make things a little brighter, Austin Peay shocks Georgia Tech and sends the #1 seed and host team to the loser's bracket with USM.  Tomorrow State will send Evan Mitchell to the mound against the #4 seed and MSU has a great opportunity to step into Sunday unbeaten in the tournament.  And it basically comes down to one simple question:  Can State win 2 of three games to take this regional? 

I'm not going to make a prediction.  No way.  Feel free to add yours.  

Here's my take on the rest of the NCAA field.

LSU got robbed.  Nothing sticks out more about this baseball tournament than that.  The selection committee can say all they want about a team finishing ninth in their conference, but it's ridiculous.  If you have an RPI in the 20s you deserve to play for the championship.  Simple as that.  I'm no fan of LSU but I support the SEC.  It seems to me that the NCAA is doing what they can to balance the college athletic power across the nation, and to do that you have to check the SEC's dominance.  That's why they criticize the SEC for playing weak non-conference teams in football.  That's why they emphasize RPI in basketball (isn't it the most important criteria?) and that's why they de-emphasize RPI in baseball in favor of conference standings.  It's baloney. 

You'll also notice that 4 SEC teams are paired in super-regionals together, guaranteeing that at least 2 SEC teams will be eliminated before Omaha.  How embarrasing would it be for the NCAA to have all 7 SEC teams reach Omaha?  That can't happen.

Sorry to rant, I just think it's so blatantly obvious how the NCAA tries to stack the deck against the SEC for whatever reason.  And that's one of the reasons why I pull for the SEC at all times.  Oh well, let's just keep winning football and baseball championships (and soon, basketball as well). 

Anyway, I'm gonna say my 8 CWS teams right now are:  Florida, Texas, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Oklahoma, and UCLA.  I think Vandy has a nice position in the bracket and probably the easiest road to Omaha.  While Florida and North Carolina have the most difficult paths.  I won't pick a champion, but I will stand by my statement months ago and say that I still haven't seen a better team than Florida.  Whether that translates to a championship I don't know. 

Will State make some noise in the regionals or super-regionals?

Who you got in Omaha?  Hoisting the trophy?

What about the Cowbell compromise getting extended?