When I think of the Mayor's Cup (or Governor's Cup, whatever it's called), one game sticks in my mind.  In 1998, Pat McMahon's first year as head coach I remember him basically making statements that the Mayor's Cup was important and he wanted to win it, that the idea of using the 4th or 5th starter was not the best way to win.  So, he seemed intent to use the ace if need be. 

During the game, I remember somewhere in the middle innings hearing some loud "pops" coming from the bullpen area, so I went to check it out and found Matt Ginter warming up.  It's impressive to watch someone who throws that hard, especially when you can stand close enough to hear the ball "buzz" on its way to the catcher's mitt.  And Ginter could bring it.  It was clear he had his stuff and wasn't feeling any soreness from the weekend before.   

So McMahon puts him in and TSUN was obviously overpowered.  This was well before TSUN became even somewhat competitive in baseball.  Ginter was throwing smoke and the TSUN hitters were nowhere near it.  I think he ended up fanning 5 or 6 in the two innings he pitched.  It was nasty.  McMahon's point was obvious:  TSUN can hang with us when we're throwing our midweek guys, so here's a taste of our full punch.  State won the game and eventually made it back to Omaha that year.  Ginter would become a first round pick and have a decent pro career.  Good memories.  

Funny how certain things stick out.  It's time we got back to that kind of in-state dominance.