florida_vs_mullen_f_126168cRewind back to September 21, 2001. The date should automatically draw you to the events that happened just 10 days earlier. With all air travel and major sports being put on hold, in order that the country could exhale and mourn, it seemed 'ok' for America to once again partake in what unites so many of us...sports. On the night of the 21st, South Carolina visited MSU, in what would actually be the first College Football game since the Twin Towers fell. If you are an MSU fan, you know full well what 2001 was like...heart break. After 4 years of consecutive bowl games, a program that was on the rise seemed to lose life, game by game. A 3-8 finish, 5 losses by less than 7 points, 3 of those by three or less. Many claim that is was the rain soaked Homecoming lost to Troy, but I've always felt that it was this USC game that deflated Jackie Sherrill's program. On a night of so many emotions, MSU was beaten by the Gamecocks (16-14), and the beginning of the end was in place. The Bulldogs lost themselves on that Thursday night, but I wonder if it could be this Thursday night, in which the Bulldogs find themselves again. It seems to me, like all the pieces are falling into place, in order to turn that into a reality.

Buzzard has an article talking about how crucial this game could be. Link

In the recent days, we have talked about Auburn's Cam Newtonwho turned down MSU, but there's also MSU's Brandon Heavens-who turned down Auburn. Scout recently sat down with Heavens...

  • On being recruited by Auburn and MSU:  “I just liked everything about Auburn at the time (2008), I wasn’t looking at a lot of schools also. I think I was committed to them for nine months, then I came on my visit here to Mississippi State. Coach (Dan) Mullen just changed my mind, everything about the visit just changed my mind. It was mostly the offense. He was talking about he needed some players for the offense. And then I got real cool with a lot of the guys who played on the team, like Chad Bumphis, Fletcher Cox, Josh Boyd. So I liked it as soon as I stepped on campus.”
  • On playing Auburn this week:  “I think we’re going to have to work a little bit harder to get open this week. It’s the start of SEC play.”

MSU got 5 votes in the ESPN/USA Today's Top 25 Polls. You may not find them deserving after Week 1, but if they beat Auburn, you have to think they are worthy? Link

SDN talked to Manny Diaz about this past weekend, and whether he held his Defense back or not vs Memphis? And also, what to expect vs Auburn and Cam Newton...

  • "We had to beat Memphis. We were looking to establish our identity and you can’t play a game with next week in your mindset. We operate under the onus that we’re going to do what we do regardless of who we play so Memphis or Auburn it’s all the same to us."
  • "Here’s what we did on Saturday – we had plays where we saw the benefits of penetration, we just didn’t do it all the time. We’re still becoming believers.”
  • On Newton:  "To me it’s about accepting collateral damage because he’s going to get his. To me, he’s just too good of a player to say you’re going to shut him down. You have to try to eliminate the devastating plays."

SDN also covered the QB situation...

  • Mullen:  "We’ll see how practice goes. I plan on us playing both quarterbacks and they’re doing a nice job. When you’re on the sidelines with the headphones on and you hear the play called, you might see some of the things that you don’t always see while you’re standing out there with a 300-pound guy coming at you trying to hit you."
  • Russell:  "My sophomore year in high school, we did the two-QB system so it’s really no big deal to me. When Chris goes in and he’s doing good, it gets my confidence up because I feel like I should be doing good.”
  • Koenning on Russell:  "Probably one of the best learning experiences he could’ve ever had was the spring game. In the process of quarterbacks learning, one thing you find out is all of them have confidence. There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence. (Tyler) comes to college and I can remember sitting in a room and it was ‘I got it, I got.’. Well, I got it turned into oh no when he got on the field. He felt embarrassed.”

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______What does the Jacksonville State loss mean for Ole Miss?______

We really haven't talked about how serious or devastating this loss could be for TSUN, so I wanted to do that today. Losing to an FCS opponent, after two straight 9 win seasons and CottonjsuoverumBowl appearances, definitely sheds some light on where the Rebs could be headed. Call it bad coaching, bad luck, pulling the troops out too early, whatever you want to. The fact is, it happened. Keep in mind, I said this before the season kicked off:  "I feel that MSU has Ole Miss right where they want them. Mullen has re-energized the Maroon fanbase, he whipped Ole Miss in last year's Egg Bowl, he is recruiting like crazy, and it appears that MSU will dethrone Ole Miss possibly this year." So, with that, I ask you, does MSU truly have Ole Miss where they want them, or is it too early to tell? Either way, what's this loss mean for Ole Miss?

Also, do you think the way Nutt handled his QBs, might cause some unrest in the locker room? It seemed to me like Nutt played Stanley in an almost 'political' fashion, only to play who he wanted to the whole time.

Jake at the Ole Miss Blog, says Tulane cannot be overlooked. Link

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